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OMEGABOOST Krill oil 60 capsules


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60 capsules/bottle Dosage: 2 capsules p/d for athletes 2x2 capsules p/d A 6 month cure every 4 months OMEGABOOST has been made with krill oil from the Antarctic. This oil provides precious omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) that are also found in phospholipids and choline. Clinical tests have shown that this molecular complex penetrates in the red blood cells and that it reduces the omega-6/omega-3 ratio and that it increases the omega-3 index, in a more efficient manner than fish oil. Furthermore, krill oil contains astaxantin which has powerful antioxidants and stabilizes the oil.* OMEGABOOST is completely different from classic omega-3. Its composition is its secret : it contains phospholipids and astaxantin, that assures a better bio-availability and stability. OMEGABOOST contains omega-3 that has been extracted from an extremely pure environment in a durable and traceable manner.

Origin: Origin : France


Dosage: 2 capsules per day - For the sportsman 2x2 capsules per day. Cure of 6 months every 4 months.


Choline : 


Minimum 75 mg/ day
Maximum : 1500 mg / day

Why you'll love it

Omega-3 is easy to absorb - Reinforces the cardiovascular system and supports the liver function and the metabolism of homocysteine. It reinforces the metabolism of blood lipids and helps to maintain a healthy Omega index. It helps to balance the cytokines in the body and the hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle.

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Stephanie S

8 mois avant

Apres madernière Rhinopharyngite, je suis restée des mois avec une dépendance aux spays nasaux. Cela a entrainé une déterioration des muqueuses, une rhinite chronique,...
J'ai lu je ne sais où que je omégas 3 pouvaient aider à la régénération des muqueuses. J'ai commencé la cure de Krill et du jour en lendemain j'étais sevrée de mes troubles ORL. Je suis super contente de ce produit!!!

Il n'y a pas encore de messages. Et bien alors, qu'est ce que vous attendez pour inaugurer cette jolie page ?

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