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Solid Shampoo Dry Hair Orange 55 g

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Price per kilo 148,76 €/kg (148,76 €/kg)

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Sodium cocoyl isethionate, ricinus communis seed oil*,  kaolin, glycerin*,  stearic acid,    decyl glucoside*,  illite, citrus sinensis peel oil expressed*, limonene*, linalool* (components oil essential)* labelled bio


Use: Rub the shampoo into wet hair and it will immediately turn into a luxurious foam. Massage and rinse like you would with normal shampoo !

Why you'll love it

Deliciously perfumed with sweet orange, this solid shampoo has been hand made in the south of France, with all natural ingredients. Vegan and no sulfates, easy to transport and will last you as long as two bottles of ordinary shampoo. 

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Marie-Cécile c

1 année avant

je l'ai acheté par souci d'écologie, sans certitude sur le résultat, mais je suis très agréablement surprise , je l'adopte !

Bonin A

1 année avant

cheveux souple et doux meme sans soins apres shampooing ...

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