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Fysiomance Omega 3+7 90capsules Organic


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Tips for use : 


1 to 2 capsules per day, for 45 days minimum. To be renewed if necessary.


Precaution for use: Not recommended for pregnant women during the last month of pregnancy. Not recommended for children under 6 years (capsule size).

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This product is not available for delivery in France.

Physiomance omega 3 - 7 is a dietary supplement combining 480 mg of EPA*/DHA** in the form of triglycerides and 200 mg of omega 7.


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David B

7 mois avant

I am trying to add one bottle of Omega 3-7 to my cart but it tells me I already have the maximum quantity, even though I have none in my shopping cart.

7 mois avant

Kazidomi answered David B

Hi David. This brand is only available in Belgium. Where do you want to be delivered?

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