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Thyme Essential Oil
Thyme Essential Oil
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Thyme Essential Oil

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About this product

Do you know the essential oil of Red Thyme? This essential oil has many virtues. It strengthens resistance, and softens the throat and respiratory tract. Thyme is known to relieve dry or greasy coughs and soothes irritated throats.


To make the most of its virtues, the following uses are recommended: bath, massage, diffusion, internal use. Resistance. Respiratory tract. Detox.


Purasana has selected for you a range of 100% pure, natural and organic essential oils.


Essential oils are aromatic vegetable extracts, obtained by distillation, very complex and highly concentrated. Each product in the Purasana range is composed of carefully selected ingredients and combined in a meticulous dosage to promote their synergy.


All the essential oils are:

    • 100% organic ingredients


    • 100% natural


    • free of chemical preservatives


    • without synthetic perfume


    • no dyestuff


    • not tested on animals


    • pure (undiluted)

Essential oils are a wonderful gift from the nature.


Ingredients: pure essential oil of red thyme thymol* (Thymus vulgaris L.). *Essential oil from organic farming. Chemotype: thymol, para cymene. Distilled part: flowery tops. Extraction method: steam distillation. 

*Allergens in bold.


Directions for use: 1 drop once a day, 4 consecutive days max. For foodstuffs, limited use.

  • Not recommended for pregnant and nursing women
  • Not for use in children under 6 years of age
  • Always test in the crease of the elbow 48 hours before skin use to avoid any allergic risk


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Purasana 10 ml

Thyme Essential Oil

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