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Talc Powder Baby

300 g
(17.5 €/KG) (583.33 €/L)
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About this product

  • Adult Hygiene
  • Baby Diaper
  • Home Care

Anaé Baby Talc Powder is 100% natural, without perfume or additives.

Specially adapted to the daily cleansing of babies and adults, talc has a very soft texture and absorbent qualities. Thanks to its softening action, it protects the skin against redness and irritation and calms itching. It can also be used to absorb excess perspiration from the feet or sebum from the hair. It has been known since ancient times as the softest mineral in existence.


For baby's toilet : once finished, dry carefully and talc the buttom, the armpits and all his body parts sensitive to irritations and heatings.

For adults: sprinkle talc powder to absorb sebum from hair, or on your feet to absorb odors.

Talc also has lubricating properties for the house: sprinkle it against squeaky windows or add it as an additive to your paints


Talc 100% natural, without perfume, without additives.

Origin & certification

Made in France

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Member price 4.46 €
5.25 €
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