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The reusable bottles Drink Big are now on Kazidomi!

Sustainable Food Published on 11/09/2018
The reusable bottles Drink Big are now on Kazidomi!

A new brand. Beautiful design. No bottle should be wasted. This is why Drink Big created reusable insulated bottles, designed by conscious artists.

Drink Big’s mission is to reduce the excessive everyday use of plastic. Drink Big believes that beautiful bottles will make people drink in style while doing good.

Drink Big founders do not have the pretention that they we will change the world. However, they believe that they can have a marginal impact through a project within their grasp. And moreover, they love beautiful products...

Beautiful design.

They believe that beautiful design can incentivize people in adopting reusable products. Drink Big aims to offer stylish products by collaborating with conscious artists. Moreover, collaborative design can bring value, diversity and useful visibility to the project.

Drink Big is socially engaged and contributes to removing harmful plastics from the ocean. 10% of the company profits are donated to The Cleanup Ocean. The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization, developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.

We can always do better. From production to delivery, Drink Big strives unceasingly for cleaner and fairer processes while keeping its highest standards of quality. It strongly believes that being transparent on its weak points is the way to go. Today, its main focus is on the improvement of the production process. Drink Big estimates that more than 90% of the existing reusable bottles on the market are produced in China and found it almost impossible to produce the first batch of Drink Big bottles somewhere else. At Drink Big, they believe that what eventually matters is ‘made how’ rather than ‘made in’. They have carefully selected their Chinese manufacturer on 2 criteria: efforts regarding their environment impact and social responsibility towards their employees. That being said, finding a local partner in Europe is their wish but it requires patience, much more upfront investment and organization. Drink Big is working hard on this and will keep informing its target audience about its advancement.

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