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How to say no to plastic straws ?

Sustainable Food Published on 01/03/2019
How to say no to plastic straws ?

Did you know that straws are the 7th most present type of waste in the sea ? This is terrible for our planet. Fortunately some alternatives to plastic straws exist. The war against straws

We find them in our cocktails, our sweet drinks, they can’t be missed wherever we go. Problem: they end up in the oceans and can’t be recycled. How can we reduce this important source of waste?

A disaster for the oceans

According to the Ocean Conservacy association, straws are the 7th most present type of waste in the sea. According to predictions, by 2050, oceans will have more plastic waste than fish. Considering these alarming numbers, it’s time to raise awareness and switch to plan B.

Straws? No, thanks!

Should straws really be dropped? It’s true that in some situations, straws aren’t always needed. You just need to say “without a straw, please!” to the waiter and that’s it. Just refusing plastic straws will raise awareness in the venues serving them and in your circle.

A perfect alternative

For those who can’t enjoy their cocktails without a straw, or for the little ones who have difficulties drinking normally, there are reusable straws in inox. Useful and eco-friendly, they can be washed with a dishwasher and they replace plastic straws perfectly! They can be taken anywhere with you and put easily in your bag. You can order yours on our e-shop.

Who are we? Who are we?

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