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Blue Friday, our alternative to overconsumption

Sustainable About Published on 23/11/2021
Blue Friday, our alternative to overconsumption

This Friday 26 November, we prefer to experience life in blue at Kazidomi. This Friday 26 November, we prefer to experience life in blue at Kazidomi. We want to invite you to consume intelligently and take advantage of this day to support sensible projects whose objective is to protect the environment and the oceans.

Once again this year, we have decided to take the opposite approach to Black Friday by donating 10% of the day's sales to Project Rescue Ocean, an environmental association that fights to protect the oceans.

Its purpose is to raise public awareness, particularly among young people, about the state of the environment, the seas and the oceans. To achieve this, Project Rescue Ocean organises pollution clean-up actions on the beaches but also on land.

The ocean in danger:

Plastic and intensive fishing have put many species of fish, shellfish and marine animals in peril, particularly because it is difficult to enforce laws in the sea. It is estimated that 15 - 40% of global fishing is carried out illegally, ignoring agreements to protect marine life. Waste found in the sea also has a huge impact on ecosystems and is a danger to marine animals and birds. The most problematic waste includes plastic straws, cans and bottles, but also fishing tools such as nets.

Therefore, you know that part of the money you spend this Friday on Blue Friday on our Kazidomi website will be used for the cause of the oceans.

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