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The benefits of sleep

Health Beauty Well being Published on 15/01/2019
The benefits of sleep

Discover why sleep is essential to the organism ! We spend one third of our lives sleeping, which is one of the human vital needs along with eating, drinking, and breathing. Sleeping is primordial to stay healthy, both mentally and physically, since it allows for a good function of the organism and a good cell regeneration.

Essential for our health

It’s recommended to sleep 7-9 hours per night for a good recovery. It’s during this phase of sleep that the organism will produce new cells to replace the dead ones and refuel its energy. Too little sleep also increases the risk of cardiovascular disorders, strokes, obesity or diabetes.

Sleep is also necessary for the brain to process the information received throughout the day, which allows for a better memory function. A lack of sleep can therefore cause a drop of focus and overall productivity, and promotes cognitive disorders such as irritability, impatience, or even depression.

Go to bed feeling relaxed and let go of the little daily issues. Plants and essential oilshelp to get rid of anxiety and** make it easier to sleep. So take food supplements such as hawthorn or balm,** which will allow for a good sleep, and feel free to use essential oils such as lavender, or marjoram, néroli, sandalwood, valerian or vetiver for example.

Sleep and healthy diet?

Our sleep has some influence on our food choices, by pushing us towards bad eating habits when in lack. When we lack sleep, there is a hormonal unbalance, which increases the feeling of hunger, the cravings for sugar, salt, and fats, and therefore snacking. This can cause a risk of overweight or obesity and a bad resistance to insulin, which can cause diabetes.

Serotonin, melatonin, and tryptophanes are amino-acids helping to sleep. Having a healthy and balanced diet will impact your sleep. Eat regularly proteins, cereals, pasta or brown rice, sources of Omega 3 (oils, fat fish, lindseed...), legumes, green vegetables, fruits, dairies, nuts, or dark chocolate.

A healthy and balanced diet gives the organism all the required nutriments: fibers, proteins, low or medium-GI carbohydrates, sources of Omega 3, magnesium, and other anti-oxidants!

Avoid over-consuming coffee and alcohol and prefer infusions at the end of the day.

Sleep for a nice skin!

Yes, it’s not mentioned enough, but sleeping also helps having a nice skin! During the day, our skin fights constantly against external attacks (the pollution, the cold, the wind or even the sun). It’s during the phase of sleep that it renews and repairs the cells.
You probably noticed it, lacking sleep doesn’t make you look the best: puffy eyes, acne, grayish skin… So make sure that you sleep well to have a shiny skin, a good skin recovery and a good look! Clean your skin using a make-up remover
or micellar waterbefore applying your moisturizer or night cream. Use beauty masks and scrubs regularly to optimize the nice-skin effect daily!

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