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The benefits of fasting

Health Published on 29/08/2018
The benefits of fasting

Fasting is an approach that can be acquired by anyone to stay fit and healthy if your doctor allow you. Discover the history of this practice. What is fast?

Fasting is a phenomenon observed amongst many religious communities of the world which requires the person to inhibit the task of eating and drinking for a certain amount of time to obtain a section of good deeds. In many cases, fasting also requires the person to stay away from bad habits that may be forbidden in the respective community.

In the Christian community, the Lent is a phenomenon observed in the form of fasting and praying following the season before Easter. It is a kind of a preparatory tradition for Easter. It lasts about 40 days and is practiced in the respect and remembrance of the Jesus Christ who fasted in his wilderness days before acquiring his place in the ministry. The time period of forty days starts from a Wednesday known as Ash Wednesday and ends a day before Easter, on Saturday. Sunday is excluded from the period of fasting and every person above the age of 14 should abstain from eating meat and chicken on Ash Wednesday and every other Friday following the time period of forty days.

What are the benefits of fasting ?

There are many benefits of fasting and the main key topreserving a healthy lifestyle during the fast is the knowledge of knowing how to fast. The not eating and drinking process leads to a few risks like a dehydrated internal environment of the body which could potentially produce heartburn if the stomach of an individual is not generally used to fasting. This state of the body can also lead to irregular sleeping patterns and anxiety. But these problems can be overcome by the proper knowledge of the process of fasting.

A person should refrain from taking large meals of rich foods and drinks at the time of breaking the fast and the individual should also intake a largeamount of water for storage during the fasting period to ensure that the person who is fasting is sufficiently hydrated enough to fast during the day. A person should practice a healthy diet consisting of the required and proper vitamins and minerals that can be stored in the body and eventually be consumed during fasting.

Fasting has a number of advantages that result in the betterment of the internal environment and the efficiency of the immune system of the body. Though fasting can be beneficial for the mental aura and relaxation of the mind, it is a healthy process for the physical state of the body. Many doctors have termed the fasting process to be favorable for the human body to feel and stay healthy.

A person who is keeping a fast has the advantage of maintaining a healthy internal environment because fasting is a kind of a detox method which reduces and limits the production of toxins especially the inhibition of fat storing toxins which could also lead to weight loss. Obesity and depression are some of the common diseases of the world and potentially producing further ways for the encountertoomany other diseases. However, these conditions can be refrained from by fasting resulting in the rest of the digestive system which is constantly worked up and disturbed during the normal period of our daily lives.

Fasting also increases the brain activity of an individual which decreases the sluggish attitude of an individual. This helps in the increased production of the growth hormones, a better and improved insulin activity providing a better source to absorb nutrients and an acne free skin. The body is purified not only mentally but also physically because the desiccated immune system is obliterated, and a new, better immune system is developed to ensure better defense against the harmful diseases.

Fasting is an approach that can be acquired by anyone to stay fit and healthy if your doctor allow you. It has been approved by many scientists and doctors and is considered the best way to limit the numberof deadly diseases that can otherwise be embraced by the body of an individual.

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