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Nutrition tips to ace your exams !

Health Published on 01/10/2018
Nutrition tips to ace your exams !

When you're faced with a lot of revision, feeding your body as well as your brain may be the last thing on your priority list. But can you give yourself an advantage simply by eating certain foods? How to ace your exams ?

When you are preparing for your exam, the good nutrition is very imperative. Of course, you want to take coffee and pizza and avoid to spend time on food preparation. The good nutrition is very beneficial for the study plan. During the exam period, your brain needs the fuel to study effectively.

How you eat smarter?

You must take effective vitamin and mineral during the exam. You can do your best on the exam when your nutrition level is complete. For the physical and mental energy is imperative for the study and you must take:

Iron-containing foods

It consists of red meat, spinach, and the cereals. Moreover, the beef and kidney beans are very essential for fulfilling the deficiency.

Vitamin B foods

It includes whole-grains, egg, nuts and wheat germ. You boost your brain activity through fish and soy food which give the best boost.

Eat at regular intervals

You must eat at regular interval for making energy level intact. In case, you get temptation of foods takes lighter snacks. When you are preparing for the exams don’t worry about it just increase your energy level by eating regularly.

The sizeable portion of the meal

All of us know that when we eat three times a day and it slows down the physical and mental activity. During the exam, you must take 5-6 well-balanced small foods to become energetic.

Don’t forget to eat breakfast

To reduce the anxiety level, don’t forget to eat a healthy breakfast like peanut butter spread on toast, tuna, cheese, and fruit. It is very imperative to take the calcium, fiber, calcium, a piece of fruit and vegetable. The bowl of cereal with milk and a piece of fruit make your mind relax and cool.

Fruits you must eat

For your brain, the fruits are at the foremost priority. The blueberries are one of the favorite fruits to get the attention. It has powerful antioxidant which fulfills the energy level perfectly.

Vegetable increases the energy level

Indeed, all the vegetable are beneficial. The darker color of vegetable means the rich source of nutrients. Intake the spinach rather than iceberg lettuce to refresh the mind and body. Other includes:

Enhance the tendency of studying with snack

When you are getting bored and don’t know what to eat. Eat something healthy to give the right amount of nutrition to the body. Like:

  • Banana with peanut butter
  • Baked potatoes with cottage cheese
  • Muffin pizza

Keep your body hydrated

Where the food matters to get the balanced nutrition, don’t forget to stay hydrated. Avoid taking caffeine and sugar because excessive use of caffeine makes you nervous. Much better to prefer the:

Egg the great source of nutrition

You get fulfilled your energy tank with the egg. One of the great sources to give the mind and body the healthy diet. During the study to get relaxation, eat the fried, boiled and poached eggs to give the best food to the brain. Without any doubt, great food to start the day. One egg has:

  • Vital Nutrients
  • 6g protein
  • Vitamin B12
  • Less than 100 calories

Well, when you are preparing for the exam, you just need to be hydrated and have full nutrition level in the body. Your body demands the peace of mind to work effectively. Everyone knows that during exam everyone become stressed out. But the using of the right amount of food in the diet help you to reduce the anxiety and feel fresh. Your mind becomes energetic and you are ready for the exam.

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