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What is Kombucha and what makes it unique ?

Health Food Published on 30/03/2023
What is Kombucha and what makes it unique ?

What is Kombucha and what makes it unique ? Authentic Kombucha is a green tea, fermented with the aid of a "scoby" (Symbiotic Culture Of Friendly Bacteria and Yeasts). The sugar serves as food for this "Scoby". This method has been passed down from generation to generation for more than 2,200 years.

What makes Kombucha unique?

In Purasana Kombucha Drink we use only certified tea, natural herbs and fruit pieces.

This culture grows in tea infusion /solution of green tea or other kind of tea and sugar /and turns sugar into organic acids and carbon dioxide through natural fermentation. At the same time, it produces a variety of other compounds which are detoxifying and nourishing for the human body, such as gluconic acid, lactic acid, and folic acid.


Kombucha is a fermented tea, an ancient potion, used for thousands of years. Most often, attributed to Kombucha benefits include improved digestion, increased energy and a clear mind.

While you are enjoying the unique and playful taste of Kombucha, it will give your body its beneficial ingredients. Kombucha is a living beverage and as such, you should treat it carefully - store it in a dark and cool place, and in return, it offers us its numerous healing benefits.

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