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How your alimentation impacts your hair?

Health Beauty Published on 29/08/2018
How your alimentation impacts your hair?

It is necessary to eat healthy and take vitamins and minerals! The growth of the hair

Who does not like beautiful, shiny and healthy hair capable of being put perfectly in various hairstyles? Hair is a vital component when it comes to the beauty of an individual. Hair has the second fastest growing ability following the intestinal cells. How your hair grows is directly associated with the nutrients present in your bloodstream just like any other organ or part of the organism and indirectly indicating the healthy lifestyle of your body.

The growth of the hair is initiated through follicles present in your scalp; a protein named keratin is formed from these follicles and eventually grow into these long, thin fibers you call hair. These fibers are continuously growing and shredding because your scalp produces new keratin and pushes the older part of the hair away from the scalp. In this way, shredding of hair is quite normal but an excessiveloss could indicate a malnutritional diet or an unhealthy state of your hair. Although gray hair is a sign of grace, many people find it in their habits to dye their grey hair to some other color using cosmetics and other medications which also produces side effects on the hair.

Hair loss could be a result of stress, impaired genes, hormonal dysfunction, medications but the most common cause of potential hair fall is the change in the amount of vitamin and minerals present in your bloodstream, both excess and minimal amount can become a reason forshredding of hair apart from the normal range i.e loss of 100 hairs per day.

Eat healthy

Alimentation is the process of intake of nutrients in order to be properly nourished. The process is often not associated with the health of the hair but for healthy and beautiful hair, it is necessary to eat healthily and take important vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Vitamin B and its types are considered to be significant for pretty and healthy hair; B12 and B5 preventhair loss and greying of hair while B1 and B2 aid in providing nourishment to the hair follicles indirectly taking the responsibility of the growth of your hair. Folic acid plays an important role in the growth and division of hair follicle cells’ the basic foundation forproducing keratin. Biotin contributes to the efficiency in function and strength of your hair and decrease in the said vitamin could lead to potential hair loss.

Vitamin A, C, and D are anti-oxidants and help in inhibiting the chain reactions occurring during oxidation and producing free radicals. Vitamin C also relates to the production of collagen which plays the role of connecting hair fibers in the follicles while vitamin D strengthens the follicles.

To have healthy and shiny hair, you must have a propernutritional diet comprising of dairy foods (milk, cheese, yogurt etc), proteins such as fish, eggs, lean meat, nuts, beans, various vegetables like cabbages, tomatoes, spinach, potatoes and fresh, citrus fruits. The kind of a diet your hair demands requires you to eat healthy consisting of proteins, carbohydrates and little to no fat but take care not to take large amounts of any part of the diet because anexcessamount of anything can produce a bad outcome in the future.

In order to be healthy, you must take care of the nutrients you have in your diet because good health is a state that needs to be acquired with proper care and precaution, it cannot be forever constant throughout your life. However, aging is a natural process that leads to the gradual deterioration of the cells present in the body but one should take care before the time to delay it as much as one can.

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