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Eating healthy but cheap? Is that possible ?

Health Food Published on 01/12/2016
Eating healthy but cheap? Is that possible ?

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Eating healthy can be pricey.

A 2015 study by Consumer Reports found that organic food was, on average, nearly 50 percent more expensive than non-organic options. Still, that hasn't deterred consumers from flocking to healthier foods, and those that sell them.

If shoppers are looking for food that is either organic, gluten-free, non-GMO and they're not in a major city, healthy options can be not only expensive but also difficult to find.

One startup is trying to change that dynamic. Kazidomi, which sells non-perishable healthy foods at comparatively reasonable prices, will ship customer orders within a record time and for free above only 49€.

"Our idea is to make healthy living affordable and accessible for anyone," Kazidomi CEO declared.

Conceived as a kind of online-only Whole Foods combined with a Costco-like warehouse club model, Emna created the organic delivery company just a few months ago.

"We offer natural and organic products, shelf-stable products you put in your pantry…that are 25 to 50 percent off what you find in a conventional retail store," Emna explains.

Kazidomi charges €100 for an annual membership and Emna said there is a lot of interest for the subscription model. She said the cost savings are achieved because of the membership model, and the fact they buy direct from suppliers—eliminating the middleman.

When you think organic food, you might think or fruits, vegetables and dairy, but Kazidomi actually carries none of that. Kazidomi caters to consumers by selling snacks, cooking supplies and toiletries.

"It's really anything that doesn't go in your refrigerator, but might go in your pantry," Emna said. She argued that many shoppers spend more than they think on household staples, and those savings can easily be diverted to buying other things.

"A lot of people don't realize, over 45 percent of your groceries are non-perishable," Emna explained, making the case for Kazidomi's business model.

"So if you save on that half, it leaves you a lot more to spend on high quality produce on the other half. Emna suggested members utilize local farmers markets to acquire produce and other perishables.

Emna said Kazidomi has "about 1,000 products" on its website and more to come, "but you can click on, and filter one or more 'values' that are important to you," he said.

"We actually tag every single product that comes on the site. If they want it to be fair trade, and vegan, and organic," Emna said. Users can click on those specific values and "you literally can sort the entire catalog depending on what you're looking for.

Who are we? Who are we?

Kazidomi is an e-commerce offering more than 4000 healthy products at low prices


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