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Discover this wonderful hand-baked gluten-free granola !

Health Food Published on 16/09/2020
Discover this wonderful hand-baked gluten-free granola !

The grEAT! Granola is a delicious hand-baked gluten-free muesli. This healthy breakfast is full of energy. It is organic and without any additives. Choco, Apple & Pecan or Coco & Cranberries ! About

grEAT! Granola is an organic & gluten-free granola, handbaked in Belgium. It is just as healthy as it is delicious! Indeed, the granola is baked 100% with coconut oil and maple/agave syrup.

GrEAT! Granola comes in 3 flavours:

- Rise & Shine: Oats, poffed quinoa, a mix of nuts, seeds, cranberries and coconut shavings.
- Apple & Pecan: Oats, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, pecan nuts & dried apples. A hint of cinnamon.
- Choco'Nutz: Oats, buckwheat, sunflower seeds, dark chocolate & hazelnuts with a touch of sea salt and vanilla.

GrEAT! Granola is good for you as it has the following properties:

- Low glycemic index (without refined sugars)
- High fiber and protein content
- Baked with coconut oil

**The story

Behind “grEAT! Granola” hides Amélie, a young Belgian, passionate about healthy and tasteful cooking. The story of grEAT! granola starts in 2015. Inspired by a year spent abroad (South America and London), she had swapped her chocolate spread for home-made granola for breakfast.

"Breakfast is probably my favorite meal! On my return, I found it hard to find good granola in Belgium, therefore I continued to make it myself. On returning, my recipe was received with great enthusiasm by my friends and family. Its their enthusiasm, that pushed me in October 2015 to embark on the adventure of grEAT! Granola. Besides, grEAT! Granola is gluten-free so everyone can enjoy it. "

The granola will delight you at breakfast or as a healthy & energizing around’the’clock snack. Besides, did you know that granola is excellent in a salad with goat cheese and hot apples?

Serving suggestions:

- Smoothie of almond milk + blueberries + banana, topped with “Rise & Shine” granola

- Greek yogurt + mangoes + raspberries + “Choco'Nutz” granola

Wishing to learn more about "grEAT! Granola "? The story continues on facebook et instagram.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/great.granola/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/granolagreat/

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