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Cleaning products, as harmful to your health as cigarettes

Health Sustainable Published on 02/08/2023
Cleaning products, as harmful to your health as cigarettes

You will not believe the results of this study! When cleaning your house is more dangerous than tobacco…

According to a Norwegian study conducted on more than 6000 people over the course of twenty years, industrial cleaning products are as harmful to our health as smoking.

Cleaning regularly would be as harmful to our lungs as smoking one pack of cigarettes per day.

What makes it so harmful?

First of all, when we inhale small particles from cleaning products meant to clean a floor (not our lungs), these products are obviously harsh on our respiratory tract.

The individuals taking part in this study have shown symptoms of pulmonary disorders. The study shows that over time there was a significant decrease in breathing ability, especially in women who were regularly cleaning their homes or in employees working as cleaning agents, when compared to women who didn’t do any cleaning.

Respiratory capacity is the main pulmonary function affected by these products. Therefore, it is very common for these people to develop asthma, or a respiratory disease.


  • The first solution would be a more equitable division of household responsibilities. Indeed, the study shows that women are more impacted. This observation can be explained by the inequality of household responsibilities split. So guys, time for you to step up!

  • Replace toxic products with more natural methods that are better for your health.

  • Choose a brand of cleaning products that is good for your health.

  • Make your own cleaning products. Yes, DIY is also trendy for cleaning products: essential oils, white vinegar, soda crystals, Epsom salt, baking soda… get them all for a healthy and clean house!

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