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8 tips to have a less polluting life !

Health Sustainable Published on 15/01/2021
8 tips to have a less polluting life !

The annual consumption of plastic materials raised from 5 million tons in the 50’s to 100 million tons today. It's time to go for zero waste ! Why to switch to zero waste?

Lastly, we’ve been hearing a lot about the “zero waste” movement, a concept aiming to **reduce **your waste production. **Zero waste **has been seen a lot as a short trend, but it’s above all a true awakening of awareness.

The annual consumption of plastic materials raised from 5 million tons in the 50’s to 100 million tons today.

A progressive change

Little everyday actions can reduce these numbers considerably. Stopping entirely your waste production can’t be done overnight, it’s a progressive work. Here are 8 little routines to get in order to have a cleaner life!

  1. Take your tote bags with you everywhere

Having a little fabric bag with you helps to avoid using plastic bags in supermarkets, which you would have thrown away once at home.

  1. Say no to plastic

The “zero waste” movement also means making brands and shops understand that we no longer want their useless packaging and that it’s time for things to change. So feel free to say “no, thanks” to waste and bring your fabric bags, your jars, etc.

  1. Use plastic-free bottles and sandwich boxes

In our kitchens, we find a lot of unnecessary waste! So it’s time to sort things out and replace our plastic boxes with glass conservation jars, which are more resistant and more hygienic. On top of that, they don’t keep smells and tastes unlike plastic ones after many uses. The same can be said with bottles. We’ll prefer the ones in glass or stainless steel, which will resist much longer.

  1. Solid products in our bathrooms

Shampoos, shower gels, toothpastes, makeup removers… All these plastic containers aren’t doing any good to the quantity of waste coming out of our homes. There is however an alternative to every type of product.

Cosmetics and zero waste products are often more natural! Your skin will thank you.

  1. Reusable bamboo toothbrushes

Did you know that plastic toothbrushes are a disaster for our planet? But it’s so simple to replace them with a bamboo toothbrush or a rechargeable one.

  1. Changes in the kitchen

No more food wrapping in plastic or worse, aluminum. Instead, go for beeswax! Bee’s wraps let you wrap your food, and they can reused for a year.

  1. Take the time to make it yourself

“Zero waste” also means taking the time to make things yourself. Stop having pre-cooked meals and cook healthy fresh food. Going back to the roots will make you healthier!

  1. Makeup cleansing pads

Switch to reusable pads. Lamazuna’s are in microfiber, an ultra-absorbent fabric on which the makeup will adhere better than on the skin. Extremely soft, and therefore ideal for sensitive skins, the pads are both hand-washable and machine-washable thanks to the included washing net, and up to 300 times!

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