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The power of protein !

Food Published on 11/02/2021
The power of protein !

Protein is one of the seven essential elements in our diet. Protein ?

We all need protein. Indeed, it is one of the seven essential elements in our diet. Some weight loss diets are even based on daily, almost exclusive, consumption of protein to lose weight.

Where is it found ?

In animal products, it can be found in eggs, dairy products, fish and seafood, white meat and red meat which are high in protein.

When it comes to plants, it can be found in foods like soy and its derivatives which are complete proteins. We can also mention legumes and cereals which are a great source of protein, although incomplete if eaten separately.

Here are some protein-rich plant based products :

  • Spirulina : this algae will add a good amount of protein and iron to your daily diet. Athletes love it !

  • Soy : the quality of soy protein is easily comparable to the protein found in meat.

  • Nuts : they win the medal for best protein content! Especially walnuts which contain other micronutrients that help lower “bad” cholesterol.

  • Seeds : they are a source of protein better eaten milled for a better absorption by the body.

  • Legumes :the award goes to soy, green lentils and chickpeas, naturally rich in plant proteins, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Who are we? Who are we?

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