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Kazidomi thinks it can be an affordable online Whole Foods

Food Published on 21/06/2017
Kazidomi thinks it can be an affordable online Whole Foods

The Belgian team took over a huge challenge: making healthy living affordable to everyone. FUND RAISING

The online Costco-meets-Whole Foods recently raised money from the SRIBand the Credal to grow their organic foods business.


The mission of Kazidomi is “making healthy living affordable and accessible for every American family,” according to Emna, the founder. The €100 annual membership fee helps Kazidomi offer items at what they claim is 25-50% below retail pricing.

Kazidomi says that because of the lower price point, the business has done especially well in rural regions, where affordable organic food is often less accessible.

Kazidomi says it is expanding beyond its retail business and will be creating more digital content, including recipes and videos about healthy living. They are hoping to become an all-encompassing lifestyle brand.

While Kazidomi has raised its first round of capital, they are in no rush to raise too much money and prefer to focus on their value proposition and their customers.

Who are we? Who are we?

Kazidomi is an e-commerce offering more than 4000 healthy products at low prices


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