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Wheat grass... can we eat it?

Food Published on 24/03/2017
Wheat grass... can we eat it?

Can we really eat wheat grass powder and what benefits does it behold?

**Wheat grass powder** is made from young, fresh, wheat grass and is brimming with **vital substances**. Wheat grass powder is naturally exceptionally rich in **nutrients** and **phytonutrients**. It is one of the most effective means of balancing the pH value of your body. 100% purely **organic powder, free of additives**.

Wheat grass is dried and processed as soon as it is harvested. Rich in fibres, potassium, folic acid, calcium and vitamins B1 and B5, it also contains chlorophyll and beta-carotene.

#### Properties :

• Strong detoxicant (chlorophyll)

Balances pH value in the body thanks to: better enzyme action, better metabolism, better nutrient absorption

• Increased energy level

Use :

Add 2 or 3 teaspoons of Purasana organic wheat grass powder to 250 - 300 ml of smoothies, shakes, milk (plant based), fruit juices or you can add these to your yoghurts, breakfast cereals or desserts. To mask the strong taste of wheat grass, you can add a small, levelled teaspoon of lucuma powder or agave powder as a sweetener. You can also combine several superfoods. Be inventive and don't hesitate to experiment by adding superfoods to your dishes and recipes.

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