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How to recycle your Valentine’s Day roses to turn them into beauty products?

Beauty Sustainable Published on 01/02/2021
How to recycle your Valentine’s Day roses to turn them into beauty products?

Here are some tips for recycling your faded Valentine's roses into real beauty treatments! On February 14th, florists have their second best day of the year after Mother’s day. On that day, millions of roses are gifted for Valentine’s Day. But with a short lifespan estimated between 3 days to 2 weeks depending on the variety, they quickly end up in the trash. However, once they fade, they aren’t actually dead and there are many options to recycle them… Rose milk bath, petal pearl bracelet or a rose petal scrub… The Hipper.com flower delivery service is giving us tips on how to reuse roses and their petals after Valentine’s Day. But for that, it’s advised to prefer organically-grown roses to avoid them being charged with pesticides.

1. Rose milk bath

It’s one of the first ideas that come to mind when considering recycling your roses; simply throwing their petals in a bath for a romantic atmosphere. But there’s something better: a rose milk bath. The best relaxing experience!

The recipe is quite simple. You only have to mix 300g of powder milk in a bowl as well as 100g of Epsom salt and 100g of dried rose petals. Then add 25ml of rose essential oil. Mix with a fork. Then pour the mix in the bath water. There are reportedly relaxing and anti-stress benefits.

2. Rose petals bracelet

You probably didn’t think about it but your rose petals can also be turned into pearl bracelets. You must first wash the rose petals in cold water then cover the water in a pan. Then cook over medium heat while stirring and let it rest at ambient temperature. The next step is to mix until you get a paste, which you will let rest until the next day. Then simmer twice for 30 minutes within 3 days and let rest at each step. You should get a plasticine-like texture. Then comes the designing and drilling parts using a needle: the hole must be large enough. Let dry on an absorbent paper with no direct contact with sunlight. Finally, put all the pearls together in a bracelet or a necklace, whichever you prefer.

3. Hydrating rose water

Excellent to rehydrate the skin and slow down skin aging, rose water has real benefits. You can use it to hydrate or purify your skin after removing your make-up at night or to wash your skin in the morning for a tonic effect.

This is a very easy rose water recipe. For that, all you will need is a perfumed rose and 50ml of mineral water. Start by boiling the mineral water, then you can pour the rose petals in the pan. You can let macerate for 48 hours in a cool place away from the light. Then filter the mix to get the rose water and pour it in a bottle. This can be kept in a refrigerator for 24 hours.

4. Rose-petal scrub

To exfoliate the body smoothly and remove all the dead cells from your skin, there’s no such thing as a rose-petal scrub. First, you only need to fill your jar up to one quarter with almond or jojoba vegetable oil, then pour the crumbled rose petals. Then add some cane sugar to fill up the rest of the jar, which is about three quarters. Let the mix macerate for a week before using it. This scrub should be kept in a refrigerator.

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