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How to avoid an oily skin?

Beauty Published on 29/08/2018
How to avoid an oily skin?

Your skin must stay hydrated and make it a habit to include vitamins and minerals in your diet plans! The skin is an important part of the body because it plays a huge role in the immune system of the body by playing defense against the infections and bacteria that lie in the external environment. It is a form of a barrier between the inner atmosphere and external, aiding the body to be prone against various diseases. The skin produces vitamin D on exposure to sunlight which is essential for the body. This is the reason why skin care is a necessity that each and every individual must realize in order to have a healthy body.

But since the skin is exposed to the outer atmosphere, it can lead to different textures and features of the skin. Many people have shiny and soft skin while others face the issue of having cracked and dry skin or having an oily skin even in the cold weather. But even though this all comes naturally, it can be prevented to some extent.

Why Oily Skin?

Some people have an oily skin which results in having a sweaty and shiny skin all the time leading to makeup sliding off of your face and formation of pores. This is a natural phenomenon, known as seborrhea in the medical world, which can be due to genetic inheritance or change in hormones. The body produces oils to make our skin soft and shiny but sometimes excess oil is produced between the pores which resultinthe formation of oily skin. The second reason may be due to the increased levels of a hormone named androgen produced in both males and females.

There are certain reasons which can cause oily skin in an individual like having a poor diet consisting of excessive sugar and rich foods taken periodically or the consumption of medications that could lead to hormone imbalance in the body. Humid environment causes the production of sebum resulting in the productionof oil on the skin while during the cold weather, as a feedback response, oily glands tend to overflow causing the skin to be oily. Another major cause is the unawareness in the use of cosmetics i.e using cosmetic products for dry skin when you have a skin that is oily in the process of following beauty tips.

Tips to Prevent Oily Skin

Beautiful skin comes with great health. Though some people have oily skin naturally, there are ways by which it can be prevented or be reduced to an amount that is not hectic for your daily routine. In order to have a body with less oily skin, one must stay hydrated and make it a habit to include vitamins and minerals in your diet plans and exclude sugary foods from the said plan. One more important thing that people with oily skin should take into consideration is to eradicate the oily components of your daily routine like keeping your hands and hair far from the face since they contain oils and try to wash the brushes that you use for your make-up because they are oil carriers from the time you used them on your skin.

Another precautious thing that can be embraced by the people suffering from the oily skin is to take caution of the products that you use on your skin. Moisturizers can be an odd thing to use on skin that is oily but moisturizers for oily skin are helpful in inhibiting excess production of oil. Refrain from using lotions or make-up that is deemed good for the dryor clear skin because adverse effects can be produced as a result of wrong cosmetics on different skin textures.

Take care of your skin by washing your face regularly and twice a day to stay fresh and to skim off the excess layer of oil on your face. Stay carefree and avoid taking stress to have a good sleep and a young skin that is wrinkle free. For a healthy body, avoid taking redundant medicines that may affect the immune system of the body.

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