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Welcome back Alain !

About Published on 21/01/2019
Welcome back Alain !

We are delighted to announce that Alain, one of our co-founders is joining back Kazidomi full time as of 2019 to accelerate the growth of the company ! We are delighted to announce that Alain, one of our two co-founders is joining back Kazidomi full time as of 2019 to accelerate the growth of the company !

His story :

Alain graduated from the best universities, first starting at Solvay where he finished first of his class, then from HEC Paris, the number 1 European business school and finally from the prestigious MIT, known for churning out the best entrepreneurs on the planet. He studied as a management student, specializing in entrepreneurship. He aced his studies with a high pass, graduating on the Dean’s list with congratulations of the jury at HEC. He worked for close to 2 years at McKinsey, world leading strategy consulting firm where he got promoted 1 year faster than he was supposed to. Long story short, Alain is a young brilliant business-minded person who knows what hard work looks like.

He is now joining Kazidomi to help the current CEO, Emna, lead the team that doesn’t stop growing (from 2 to 20+ people in one year !).

Among others, he will be responsible for the finances of the company and he will implement the HR processes he witnessed in top-performing companies while working at McKinsey, therefore making employee well-being a top-priority. As he said during a conversation with investors “Companies die because they lack talent, smartness and leadership, not the opposite, you can’t have too much of it. Grow it, nurture it and invest in it every day, if you have intelligent people on board, no matter what happens to you, they will find a way”.

This is very much in the line of the recent move of Kazidomi to grow rapidly its team by hiring gifted young professional from top-notched companied like Bain&Company, Vente Exclusive, Showpad or ExxonMobil to name a few. Kazidomi is on a mission to make a healthy living affordable to everyone and this will require dedication and hard work. Large competitors currently occupy the market and the subscription approach launched by Kazidomi is not well regarded by the traditional retail behemoths as it puts their business at risk. However, these types of new business models are now defining a new way of buying and the question is not if an industry will undergo that change but rather when (as explained in our article here: https://www.kazidomi.com/en/blog/subscription-models-are-taking-over-n799).

On top of this, a key aspect of Alain’s mission will be to help develop the projects that Kazidomi is working on, like developing further its own brand, building a more effective website and improving the catalogue. These projects are key for Kazidomi to continue serving its clients the best it can.

Who are we? Who are we?

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