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We give you 5 reasons to support us

About Published on 10/12/2018
We give you 5 reasons to support us

We give you 5 reasons to support us

Reason 1: We only sell sustainable products.

All our products are ethically sourced based on their background and are environmentally sustainable. We care about our customers, but also about our planet. That’s why you will not find anything on our website that is not in full agreement with our values. We pick brands for their commitment to the environment and we follow up on them to make sure they are not just greenwashing and actually deliver on their promises. True story, we’ve already taken products out of the catalogue because the brand was not at par with our expectations in terms of values.

Reason 2: We are a diversity-promoting company

Emna, our founder is a 26 female and we are super proud of what she’s already accomplished! It all started with a dream and ended in the first conscious platform that is affordable to everyone!

Below 10% of startups are founded by female entrepreneurs, this is depressing. Luckily, we are lucky enough to be part of one of them! We can praise ourselves happy to work in a company with a strong female leader like Emna or the many other female senior managers in position at Kazidomi. While gender-equality is an important topic to us, we also care about diversity. Today, we have 15+ fixed employees with 7 different nationalities. In the office we speak French, Dutch, English, arabic and even Spanish! Male or female, university studies, social background, all this doesn’t matter, if you’re super good at what you do, and share our values, you’ll find a home at Kazidomi!

Reason 3: We support small producers.

We are helping small brands take off by giving them exposure, feedback and a sustainable partnership. Today, about 25% of our brands are small companies like Great Granola, Bamboo, Lamazuna, Charles Germain, Savon Stories and many more.

Reason 4: We create jobs

Since this summer we tripled the size of our team to hire more young and dynamic people sharing our values. As we are growing fast, we are planning to create many new positions in the next few months. We also provide our employees with the necessary trainings and coaching they need to grow professionally and develop further in their role. Additionally, because we know how important it is that people learn, grow and have fun, we introduced ‘Training Thursday’ where employees can focus and take time to learn about new fields or develop skills they feel they are missing.

Reason 5: We reduce waste everywhere we can

In every step of the value chain, waste is reduced to the minimum and we try every day to get closer to a zero-waste company. For example, we use sustainable materials to store and pack our parcels, no bubbly plastic! We care about corporate social responsibility so much that we are even undergoing the process of becoming a B-corp! In case you don’t know, it is a certification for forward-thinking companies committed to using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. As mentioned before, we care about our planet. As a team we work hard to make our company more sustainable and ensure we’ve got the greatest impact possible on our environment and on people around us.

If you like this and you share our values, please don’t hesitate to support us! Rate us on Google and follow our social media. Most importantly, stay tuned, we’ll have great promos coming up for people willing to contribute to a better world with us!

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