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5 advice on how to build a strong influencer strategy

About Published on 10/04/2019
5 advice on how to build a strong influencer strategy

Discover our tips to build a strong strategy with your influencers Nowadays, more and more brands are dedicating greater resources to influencer marketing. Increased sales, brand awareness and customers’ engagement are among the core benefits.

But how does it work? Kazidomi shares its 5 tips highlighting the most important points to consider when building a strong influencer strategy.

1. Define your niche:

You may already have a proper idea of your brand audience. However, it is crucial to know exactly who you are targeting. Here, at Kazidomi, we are constantly looking at our audience; who it is interacting with, the hashtags it uses and what publications it shares. In parallel, we also investigate on our potential influencer’s posts, community and engagement rate. By defining correctly your target, you will avoid choosing the wrong influencer. Choosing the right person who will share your products may be the hardest part of influencer marketing. An influencer is an extension of your brand; if this person, independently of its audience’s size, is reaching your target market you know you’re in the right direction.

2. Clarify your value proposition (USP):

If you want to be influential, it is crucial to know your unique selling point. In other terms, what your brand offers to your target market that others don’t. Your unique selling point doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it needs to be crystal clear and the simpler and easier it is, the better. If you have a strong value proposition you become meaningful. As a result, consumers will become more loyal and will trust you. At Kazidomi, we believe that establishing trust is key if you want to influence correctly. Knowing what your values are is also useful when determining if the influencer you are working with is aligned with your brand.

3. Build up a coherent affiliate remuneration programm

In returns for the desired results, you will need to come up with some arrangements with your influencer. Unfortunately, there is no right or wrong answer here. Each influencer will have different expectations and will decide they preferred mode of payment. The key is communication. At Kazidomi, we believe that the “pay to post” method is not effective. We think of our influencers as our brand’s ambassadors and we built strong and solid relationships with them. Long-term influencer’s relationships not only result in more sales and increased brand awareness but in consistent and authentic content.

4. Help your influencer generate high quality content

Because we believe in strong relationship; at Kazidomi we try to provide our influencers with the right amount of information and to brief them on the most important elements of our brand. If you want to see the desired results, you should communicate clearly your expectations from the beginning of the relationship. However, it is also very important to give your influencers freedom. Do not get involved in their creative process. Assist them, help them but do not be too restrictive on the content generation; you may risk losing the relationship. In fact, one of the most important thing for influencers is to maintain their authenticity.

5. Communicate about your influencer, it's not a one-way street

Again, you need to see your influencer as a collaborator. Many firms think of influencers as people working for them. But you need to realize that they are partners working WITH you to achieve a common goal. It takes some time to find the right people so make sure you treat them well. You want to build the best relationship possible based on values exchanges. And this means for Kazidomi; offering them free products and services, inviting them to events, sharing exclusive information and giving them more visibility by communicating about them.

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