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Everyone knows that eating fruits and vegetables is good for your health! But what you don't know is that drinking them is even better! Indeed, juices, and more particularly vegetable juices, represent an excellent way for them to have multiple benefits for our body. Making vegetable juice with an extractor consists of separating the juice on one side (i.e. water and nutrients) and the dry fibres on the other side. Juices provide all the nutrients contained in vegetables: vitamins, sugars, minerals, enzymes, amino acids... that the body needs to alkalinize and compensate for excess acidity. Drinking vegetable juices frequently helps to avoid the problems associated with too acidic soil. One of their benefits is that vegetable juice is also detoxifying. It drains the body and removes its toxins while providing essential nutrients. By using certain vegetables such as spinach or cucumber, the juice can be diuretic and thus increases the cleansing of the body. A little something extra: in a single juice you already have the daily supply of the 5 fruits and vegetables necessary for the health of your body.
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