The Bamboo brand comes from a simple idea: let everyone taste the flavors of the world through typical home-made products. Because the founders of the brand are great travelers, they feel compelled to share their adventures in their preparations!

Thus, the Bamboo granolas, natural and tasty, are proposed to you here. Granolas with almonds, cinnamon, dark chocolate, peanut butter, cookies with lemon, chocolate, and many others are at your disposal. Each Bamboo item is organic and ensures an exotic taste in every bite.

What started as an idea is now a multitude of organic breakfasts to get off the right way!

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The founders, Charlotte and Lionel, have traveled the world and, as a result, have enjoyed extraordinary culinary adventures. From their peregrinations sprang the desire to take their surroundings away with the distant flavors in everyday dishes. Their trip to Indonesia inspired them, particularly where unique ingredients delighted their taste buds. During this trip, the granola seduced them. Then the Bamboo adventure began!

Concretely, Bamboo renews the vision of granola by bringing a touch of originality to each preparation. Each ingredient reflects the culture of this tropical oasis. With Bamboo, you stay at home, but your granola will take you on a journey!

Note that Bamboo products are natural and contain no refined sugar. The unique taste of granola is because of the coconut oil in its composition. To give a bit of sweetness to the preparations, maple syrup and Fleur de sel are added during the elaboration of the recipes.

In short, Bamboo products guarantee a change of scenery. You can choose between almond, cinnamon, dark chocolate, and peanut butter granolas; lemon and chocolate cookies, among many others, to start the day off the right way! 

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