Small Pods, Big Difference!
Ecopods was developed on request of the cleaners. They did not find a good and gentle cleaning product. Raf, the founder and owner of Ecopods, has gone a step further and, after years of development, has launched a powerful, ecological and zero waste cleaning brand, Ecopods.
Ecopods is a pioneer with zero-waste packaging for cleaning products. This plastic-free packaging has more advantages than you might think. You don't buy water, but a super concentrated cleaning product. You do not buy disposable plastic, but a sustainable reusable bottle. This way you save 92% CO2 because we only transport the capsule and no water (traditional cleaning products contain 80% water). You save 91% waste because the reusable bottles last for years. And you need 95% less space to store the products.
We, at Ecopods, like it simple, which is why we have kept the product line as compact as possible and use color codes. Blue stands for all-purpose cleaner, yellow for degreaser, red for bathroom cleaner and green for floor cleaner. The capsule shell dissolves easily in water and is biodegradable. By using the pods, you always have the perfect dosage, no mess.
We also like efficient which is why the products are packed with natural active ingredients that are real cleaning power against dirt. They clean fantastically and are gentle to use.
Ecopods are biodegradable, suitable for vegans and the ingredients are approved by the EU Ecolabel. Our mission is simple. Ecopods wants to ban disposable plastic. Are you also joining?

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