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  • Appetizers

    Kazidomi selected for you some healthy and greedy products to savour some little things before the meal. Bio, healthy, palm oil free and almost sunflower oil free. Some tapenades, crackers, vegetables crisps, nuts, other oilseeds and also vegetal pestos ! Do not hesitate to taste it with our breads, toasts and delicious natural drinks.

  • Drinks

    Kazidomi selected 100% natural, bio and healthy drinks to bring a fresh touch to your day ! Pure apple juice, ginger, rhubarb, lemon, Gazpacho grenade, and include birch sap, drink meal full of proteins and vitamins and some infused tea for children as well as adults. To savour with our delicious aperitives and sweet snacks !

  • Coffee, tea and tisane

    Being more tea or coffee, no worries Kazidomi suggests you a great selection of infusion, tea, coffee or bio cacao, loose, bags, or capsule (sometimes biodegradable) to savour your favourite hot drink wherever you are. Serve it with your beloved snacks !

  • Breakfast : flakes and...

    Envie d’un petit déjeuner gourmand, croustillant et sain, découvrez les céréales que Kazidomi a choisi pour vous. Que vous soyez porridge, granola ou muesli et avoine, épeautre ou quinoa et nature, chocolat, fruits rouges ou Spiruline, vous pourrez varier les plaisirs au petit déjeuner ! Dégustez-les avec nos délicieux laits végétaux !

  • Condiments, oils and...

    To healthily cook with creativity Kazidomi suggests you salt, oil, spices, vinegar, mustard and useful condiments for your preparations. From vegetal stock to wazabi paste, miso and other tomato sauce, cooking creams, etc... Let your culinary creativity express itself. Don't hesitate to savour our sauces and spices with our delicious pastas ! 

  • Jams and Spreads

    The envy of a sweet touch on your slice of bread for breakfast or an healthy snack during the day ? Kazidomi chose for you some spreads, jams, oleaginous and honey paste, bio, neither added nor refined sugar, palm oil and preservatives free. Take it simply with our toasts and breads or in our delicious recipes. 

  • Flour

    To help you to realise all the culinary preparations that you want, gluten free or not, sweet or salted, Kazidomi chose the flours and culinary aids that you need to have in your cupboard. You will find potato flour, arrow-root, leaven, psyllium, sorgho's flour, rice, coconut, buckwheat, chickpea, chestnut or tapioca. Finnd quickly our recipes ideas ! 

  • Dried fruits and nuts

    Les fruits secs et les oléagineux sont les meilleurs en-cas à déguster quand vous avez une petite faim ou après une séance de sport. Pour les adultes et les enfants, Kazidomi a choisi les meilleurs fruits lyophilisés, séchés et tous les oléagineux ou Superfoods, bio et 100% naturels, sans conservateurs ni sel ajouté, pour répondre à tous les goûts (noix de cajou, amandes, pistaches, dattes, figues, baies des incas, baies de Goji, noix du brésil, noix de coco, ananas, pommes, noix de pécan, raisins, bananes, pruneaux, noisettes, mendiants, abricots, mangues, canneberges, etc.)

    The dried fruits and oleaginous are the best snack to savour when you get a little hungry or after a sport training. For the adults and the children, Kazidomi chose the best freeze-dried fruits, dried, and all the oleaginous or superfood, bio and 100 % natural, preservatives and salt free to meet all the tastes (cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios, dates, Incas' berries, Goji berries, Brazil nuts, coconuts, ananas, apples, pecan nuts, dried raisins, bananas, prunes hazelnuts,  mendiants, apricots, mangos, cranberries, etc...).

  • Seeds, cereals and...

    Prepare delicious lunchs and other cereals and aleaginous complete meals.  To which you will add some seeds, germinated seeds full of vitamins and minerals, perfect from a nutritional and health point of view. Do not hesitate to use it in your breakfast preparations or for your lunchs !

  • Vegetables

    Kazidomi suggests you some vegetables, preservatives free fermented vegetables in jar and also seaweed and mushrooms, a real vegetal source of proteins and minerals. Those ingredients will let you cook some delicious and healthy recipes that will bring you all the benefits you need.

  • Pasta and rice

    Kazidomi chose all kind of pastas (gluten free or not) made with the cereals you need, legumes, or even insects or superfood. But also Natural rice or cooked to serve it with sushis, risottos, etc. Eat it with our fishes, dried vegetables or our delicious sauces for a complete greedy meal !

  • Vegetal Drinks

    The envy of a milky drink but lactose free and full of good vegetal proteins, Kazidomi suggests you vegetal drinks in order to benefit from the qualities of each of them. From soy, to buckwheat, millet, coconut, rice, hazelnut, vanilla or chocolate, in boiled sweet or in bottle, find exactly what you need. Add it to your savoury breakfast cereals !

  • Honey and Natural...

    Kazidomi only choose refined sugar free products. We suggest you the best natural sweeteners for the health because they are, among others, with a law glycemic index to take care of your insulin. Find here raw honey, rapadura, coconut flower's sugar, agave syrup or maple syrup or even coconut flower's nectar to sweeten your favourite hot drinks and cook delicious recipes !

  • Bread, toasts and pizza

    The envy of a small slice of crusty bread for breakfast or to serve it with your lunch, apéritif or cooked plates ? Kazidomi chose toasts and other healthy crackers, without preservatives, salt and refined sugar, full of whole cereals and proper seeds to get the proteins and good fats that your body needs !

  • Prepared dishes and soups

    No time to prepare plates to bring to the office or when you are back home ? Kazidomi chose cooked plates and bio soups,  without preservatives, added sugar and salt to facilitate your life while keeping healthy habits. From sunshine vegetables soups to risotto with truffle, cereals  and legumes mixtures  you can find what you need to vary your recipes ideas. Serve it with our delicious sauces and other condiments !

  • Fish

    The doctors advise to eat two or three times a week small fishes to maintain the omega-3 to an optimal level. The small fishes like sardines, Mackerel, anchovy are almost heavy metal free compared to big fishes. Kazidomi chose fishes like tuna and salmon 100% natural caught according to strict rules. Savour it in our cooked plates and other vegetables plates !

  • Sweet treats

    The envy of a sweet break or an energy bar to recover from your sport training or because you don't have time during the day ? Kazidomi suggests you some products that provide the energy that you need. Find some chocolates, compotes, dessert yoghurt, cakes and other sweets and biscuits for children and adults. Our drinks and vegetal milks will be perfect with those little sweets.

  • Superfood

    Les superaliments sont les produits qui présentent une haute valeur énergétique et vitaminique qui sont utiles aujourd’hui pour combler le manque de minéraux de notre alimentation de plus en plus industrielle. Retrouvez les sous forme de poudre ou en graines et baies pour ajouter à vos jus ou Smoothies à base de nos laits végétaux, petits déjeuners, salades ou autres recettes originales. 

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