Our pillars of action

To honor the reciprocal link between our well-being and that of the planet, we are as demanding in the selection of our products as we are in reducing our ecological footprint.



We focus on prevention rather than cure and we do not compromise on the quality of our catalogue.



In logistics, in our catalogue or through our partnerships, we are redoubling our efforts to limit our waste and our carbon footprint on the planet.

Our recent progress

We are offsetting 100% of our carbon emissions since the beginning of 2021 by supporting a reforestation programme in Guatemala

On the occasion of Black Friday Blue Friday, we donated 10% of our sales to the NGO Plastic Odyssey which fights against plastic pollution in the oceans

Our bulk range is packaged by Travie, an adapted work company that contributes to the inclusion of people with disabilities by offering them useful and gainful work.

By 2022, we will have over 1000 health and wellness products in our catalogue.

This year, we have started a process of progressive veganisation of 100% of our own-brand Kazidomi ranges

Our partners make things happen

Throughout the year, Kazidomi joins forces with committed actors who act in the field of health and environmental protection.

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