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What is malted yeast and how to use it?

Health Food Published on 22/08/2019

Discover the extraordinary benefits of malted yeast thanks to our guide! WHAT IS MALTED YEAST, ALSO CALLED "NOBLE" YEAST?

The malted yeast is a microscopic mushroom that enables the fermentation of maltose and bread, and that constitutes a remarkable natural nutritional supplement. Be careful, it must not be mistaken with leaven, which is made of flour and water.

When fresh, it is a paste that will be dried or freeze-dried in flakes to be conserved.


It is a living matter that is recognized as a nutritional supplement. It favours the development of the good bacteries, those that contribute to strengthen the intestinal balance.

The malted yeast has exceptional natural nutritional qualities:

1) It is an excellent source of vegetal proteins, thanks to all the amino acids it contains, and that are essential to the human body.

2) It has the essential trace elements: calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphor, potassium, sulphur and zinc.

3) It brings the most complete contribution in B vitamins: they will act on the blood and nerve cells balance, on the metabolism of proteins, fats and sugars, and on the cellular respiration.

4) It permits to fight tiredness as it stimulates the immune system.

5) It improves the digestion

6) It calms nausea

7) It strengthens the hair and nails


It suits perfectly to sauces, soups, purées, yoghurts, or even sprinkled on salads. Be careful, in order to be efficient, the living alimentary yeast should not be consumed with liquids, or with a hot food (no more than 40°c). They also should be stored away from air, humidity and light.

Malted yeast is the perfect alternative to parmesan cheese thanks to its taste and flake aspect. It is really perfect to replace the cheese on your pasta!

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