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Seeds, cereals and legumes

Prepare delicious lunchs and other cereals and aleaginous complete meals.  To which you will add some seeds, germinated seeds full of vitamins and minerals, perfect from a nutritional and health point of view. Do not hesitate to use it in your breakfast preparations or for your lunchs !

Seeds, cereals and legumes There are 102 products.


  • Legumes

    The legumes are really interesting at nutritional level for their intake of starch, carbohydrates, and plants. Do not hesitate to take it with salad or to serve it with your cooked plates. It is a source of proteins when it is served with cereals during the same day. Feel free to discover our sauces and condiments to cook it. Find the complete meals recipes in our recipes section !

  • Cereals

    The cereals must (healthily speaking) be in our daily diet. Gluten free or not you can find what suits you the best. Eat it in salad or serve it with your favourite cooked plates, in carpaccio, in soupes or even in flour based recipes which will sometimes give a surprising taste. Check quickly our recipes ! 

  • Sprouting Seeds

    Make germinate the seeds in order to profiter take advantage of the nutritional values. Indeed the seeding allows to multiplicate the benefits of the seed itself. Taste it in salad, in your soupes, your sandwiches, your crepes... Check quickly recipes ideas on our website !

  • Seeds

    The seeds are full of vitamins and minerals which are interesting to take regularly. Find here seeds of all kind to vary the pleasures in your preparations or as a snack during the day when you need energy. Add it to our breakfast cereals or our cooked pates and in our delicious recipes !

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