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8 things we’ve put in place to help our employees at Kazidomi

À propos Publié le 04/12/2018
8 things we’ve put in place to help our employees at Kazidomi

8 things we’ve put in place to help our employees at Kazidomi

1. Training Thursday:

The best investment is always to invest in people. You can quickly get lost in the urgency of your business but you also need to keep yourself up to date and make sure you continue to take time to learn. That’s why we decided that every week, during half a day, our team can focus on following trainings, reading about what they want to learn and develop new capabilities.

2. Innovation meeting:

Once every other week, we hold a workshop about how we can innovate and continue to progress in what we do. Every time, different people are responsible for animating the meeting and we cover a different topic: customer journey, product selection, social media, content strategy, etc.

3. Team barometer:

Every two weeks, we send out a survey to the whole team to gather everyone’s feeling anonymously. The survey is about 15 questions, and we assess things like if the work life balance is sustainable, if people feel like they are working on the right stuff or if they are having fun. When we start the next week, results are presented and discussed to find potential improvements.

4. Shootout:

In that same survey, you can mention if someone did something really cool in the last two weeks and we make sure we praise them as a team for these achievements, because efforts and impact shouldn’t go unnoticed.

5. Upward Feedback:

Every 6 months, our employees get a chance to formally evaluate their managers on different dimensions of leadership. Again, this is an anonymous survey and managers only see aggregates results but this is a unique chance to share things with managers that are sometimes hard to tell and to see if some repeating patterns appear to help them improve.

6. Checkin and checkout:

We start the weeks we a clear checkin of everyone’s goals and targets and we close it with a review of what’s been done because there is no better feeling than knowing where you’re going and delivering on what’s expected from you.

7. Monthly visibility on all company results:

Every month, a formal presentation is sent out to our investors and we include all our team members in these presentations because we want everyone to understand exactly where we stand, what our achievements are and where our next challenges lay.

8. Team events and offsites:

To close it with something fun, we also have fantastic parties, afterwork, and weekends fully paid for by the company because we know how critical it is to keep our team close and continue to learn from each other not only on the job but also outside of it.

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