Take care of your home with our range of natural, environmentally friendly products or make your own products using Kazidomi's household product bases. Dishwashing liquid, sanitizing and anti-odour sprays, stain removers and others, you will find everything you need to have a green and respectful home.

Here you can find products of the following brands: Ah ! Table !, Attitude, Bambaw, Bulle Verte, Ecodis, Ecopods, Eezym, Frosch, Jacob Hooy, La droguerie écologique, Les Petits Bidons, Les Verts Moutons, Mima, Pandoo, Paos, Popee, Provilan, Scheuer & Le Scao, Seventh Generation, Tammi, The Cheeky Panda

The products you find here apply to the following criteria: Cruelty-Free, Gluten free (ingredients), Lactose free (ingredients), Low in Saturated Fats, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Without Essential Oils

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