La Vache

Eating healthy or going on an organic diet remains a challenge for many people. That's why La Vache, a Belgian brand, has taken up the challenge of making a large number of delicious organic products available. In other words, with La Vache you can be faithful to your organic principles while satisfying your gourmet desires.

Who is La Vache ?

« La Vache qui regarde les trains passe », or for short La Vache, is a family-run food company that respects the environment. All of its products are made with environmental imperatives and human and social ecologic expectations in mind. Concretely, the culinary creations are free of additives and preservatives, the majority of the preparations are also vegan.

What La vache offers you

In addition to the guarantee to consume organic food, La Vache offers a wide range of items to satisfy all tastes. You can choose between spreads, mustard, cold sauces, dressings, prepared dishes, cookies. Besides, organic drinks are available as well, like juices or teas.

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