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The ambition of the BAOUW brand is to contribute to making everyone better, both physically and mentally. The entire product range has been developed based on this ideal. Every bite, every sip will be synonymous with well-being.

It should be noted that the founders originally wanted to target sportsmen and women. However, along the way, they wanted to offer this top-of-the-range nutrition to the public. Also, these delicious preparations are synonymous with taste and quality because a starred chef created them.

Baouw bases its products on several values. The brand is committed to respecting the environment by using raw materials from organic farming. Moreover, simplicity is a keyword for the brand, no sugar added is used in the preparations.

Simplicity and quality are the reasons Baouw products are suitable for everyday use. Their naturalness and nutritional value make them suitable even for childrenBaouw products are also delicious, another good reason to eat them without moderation!

In short, Baouw is the assurance of consuming organic, highly delicious natural products at all times. Come and choose your energy bar, puree or compote and have a good time with Baouw!

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