So'Cup was born because every woman deserves to be taken care of. The idea is to bring together all your needs into one protection

This brand dedicated to women propose to them various menstrual cups and panties to meet all their requirements! Their multiple qualities wil seduce the most reluctant: practical, ecological, durable, hygienic...

Come and buy So'Cup products and feel good about yourself, whatever the moment! Night and day, during your "period", be reassured, stay confident and attractive with So'Cup !

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The menstrual period imposes constraints on women. To meet these needs, So'Cup has developed a wide range of menstrual cups for each of them. Each Cup brings together several qualities, specially designed for comfort and to make their daily life easier.

One of the great qualities of the brand's cups is its ecological aspectOrganic cotton or medical silicone are the main components of So’Cup protections. The organic cotton is certified free of nanoparticles, the silicone is hypoallergenic.

So'Cup also wants to be a brand that favors the practical side of protection. The cup, once in place, remains effective for 6 hoursYou can store up the retractable sterilizer everywhere. The cup is invisible, so it is possible to dress "sexy"! Boxes and packs at your disposal include the sterilizer cup or panties

It should also be noted that the first quality of a menstrual cup must be its hygienic side. With So'Cup, it is a point of honor. Each protection guarantees a complete soaking of the menstrual flow. A fortiori, no risk of bad smells for you!

In short, at So'Cup, you will find all the advantages you are looking for for optimal protection. Choosing So'Cup means choosing the practical, the hygienic, the organic; it means choosing the cup that suits you!

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