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Dark chocolate 75% € 3.70
Curcumax € 48.99
Liquid salt € 9.90
Coconut flour € 3.69
Green detox mix  € 11.99
GrEAT! granola € 6.50
Shower gel € 9.21
Almond puree € 7.43
Sub total € 101.41
Net Total € 101.41



Dark chocolate 75% € 2.22
Curcumax € 36.25
Liquid salt € 4.95
Coconut flour € 2.77
Green detox mix  € 8.63
GrEAT! granola € 4.55
Shower Gel € 7.28
Almond puree € 5.35
Sub total € 72
Net Total € 72
Your savings : € 29.41 (29%)

How it works?

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2 Become a member

Subscribe to Kazidomi membership for 100€ and benefit from 20% to 50% off all our products during one whole year. Live healthier, spend less, save big.

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4 Track your savings

Track how much you are saving thanks to us. If you did not save more than 100€ by the end of the year, we pay back the difference!


How do I subscribe ?
You just add the subscription to your shopping cart When you click on « subscription » the subscription will automatically be added to your shopping cart When to continue shopping you will directly benefit from the discounts.
How do order when I have a subscription ?
You order like you always do. When you log in, the discounts will be calculated automatically. It is not necessary to add the subscription every time you shop.
What happens if I don’t use my subscription ?
You can contact us by e-mail or telephone, to receive a gift card. The value of this gift card will be calculated based on the difference between the value of the subscription and the discounts + promos that you have benefited from. Example: when you have received 60 €- in discounts, you will receive a gift card of 40€ .
What are the advantages of a subscription ?
A subscription will allow you to benefit from discounts between 20 and 50% on all our products, for the duration of a year. When you haven’t used up your subscription, you will receive a gift card for the remaining amount. You will always profit.
Will my subscription be renewed at the end of the year ?
The subscription will not be renewed automatically. You will receive an e-mail before the end of your subscription asking you if you want to renew your subscription.
How do I know how much I have benefited from my subscription ?
In your account, you will have a « my subscription » tab which will allow you to check the discounts you have profited from.
Is there a minimum amount to benefit from discounts ?
No, once you have a subscription, you will benefit from the discounts, no matter how much you spend.
Are shipping fees for free with a subscription ?
Shipping fees are free above a certain amount depending on delivery country (see delivery conditions).
Can I offer a subscription as a gift to someone ?
You can offer a subscription as a gift to someone. If you want to offer a subscription you need to order the subscription gift card. Attention!. Don’t buy the subscription but the subscription gift card. You or the person you want to give the subscription too, will receive a letter with the gift card.
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