Our strict selection criteria

Because we are what we consume, it was crucial to build the Kazidomi brand on healthy foundations, supported by irreproachable composition criteria. In our pursuit of the ideal essential products, we did not compromise! Created with a minimalist ingredient list, the products that enter your home hold the following standards:
  • Refined sugar free

    And more generally, you will find little to no sugar in all our Kazidomi lines. Its occasional presence in a few of our treats is always serving a verified purpose. As much as possible, we take advantage of the naturally sweet effect of some ingredients such as dates, as it is the case for our irresistible Kazi-Balls.

  • Certified organic

    All of our food products are in symbiosis with nature. With a minimum of 95% of naturally-sourced ingredients as well as eco-friendly transformation processes, our whole food line is certified organic.

  • A short list of ingredients

    Taste and only taste is what you will find in the products of our brand. We make sure they only contain the necessary ingredients as we made a choice to refuse any superfluous, artificial or chemical components. The occasional presence of an additive in our products is weighed and approved by our health experts.

  • Known and verified origin

    The provenience of all the products of our brand is thoroughly verified and an indispensable quality proof. We always favour a direct contact with the producers we source from, which gives us access to all the needed information regarding products and work ethics. Any further data we judge necessary to our full understanding of the product quality is accessed through audit documents provided upon request by the producer.

  • Quality producers

    Carefully selected, our partners share our values. Furthermore, working with small producers allows us increased control over the recipe as well as the production process of our products.

  • Vegan

    Driven by the ambition to have you explore consumption modes sensitive to all the living beings, we are aiming at a progressive veganization of the entirety of our lines. This procedure will have a few of our non-vegan products progressively exit our catalogue. That being said, rest assured they will be replaced by some 100% plant-based, gourmet and delicious alternatives.

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Partners that feel like us to offer you products that feel like you

Our products do not travel the world. They are the result of a craft that perpetuates an exceptional expertise, as well as they translate the will to do better, with better ingredients, in the best possible conditions.
  • Sourced from an Italian production tied to the respect of food and ingredients, our salt-free canned foods and legumes are subject to close to no transformation. No unnecessary ingredients in our pretty cans, only water and legumes.

  • Cold pressed according to the tradition since 1928, and stored in ceramic tanks, our hand-crafted olive oil is made with the Tunisian “chemlali” olives, after being hand-plucked when ripe.

  • The handmade pasta we offer you combines both innovation and tradition. Hand crafted with vegetables, legumes, cereals or even superfood such as spirulina, they contain organic, whole-wheat and gluten-free flours. For the sake of providing exclusively the best of this traditional and local pasta production, we have reduced our line to stick to their 10 varieties that match 100% our standards.

  • Produced by a family business based in Luguria, in Nothern Italy, the Kazidomi pesto is made in the most ancient of traditions, from fresh and local produce. This pesto line includes gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan products. Note that in the approach of the progressive upcoming veganization of our brand, the pestos of this line whose composition is not 100% plant based are meant to be replaced at some point by alternatives that will be just as delicious.

  • Sourced in Sri Lanka, they are made by a producer that ensures a reallocation of its gains to the neighbouring communities. The coconuts are collected and transformed by hand, according to the tradition. As for the plantation, it respects and benefits the surrounding biodiversity.

  • Straight out of Northern Italy, our organic tomato sauces are cooked by a producer with tomatoes that grow on his own field of a hundred hectares. In order to preserve the natural cycle of the tomato and to provide a 100% natural product, the production takes place only once a year.

  • In order to provide palm oil-free purees of the greatest quality, we chose to work with a family business that produces in small amounts going from 25 to 30 kilos, which allows frequent quality checks. The crushing of the nuts brings to these butters a texture that competes brilliantly with that of industrial productions.

  • The Kazidomi tofu offers a healthy and tasty plant-based alternative to meat. The work of a master specialized in soy-based products, our tofu celebrates the benefits of a plant-based diet, for you and for the environment.

  • Raw, gluten-free, organic, lactose-free, vegan, fiber-rich and made with love in Belgium, they are created in a workshop that encourages the integration of people with disabilities. Note as well that more than 50% of the Kazi-Balls ingredients come from a Belgian provider.

  • We trusted a Flemish craftsman with the production of our organic and fairtrade chocolate. Since 1995, he has been producing the most delicious chocolate, with the very best ingredients, mixed with the purest cocoa.

  • Made in France by a family business with no palm oil and no dairy; our spreads are the result of a unique expertise and traditional process borrowed to the chocolate makers and bakers. The result: a smooth and creamy texture that releases harmoniously the taste of the dried fruits.

  • Collected and made in Quebec by a family business since 1937, our maple syrup is high quality and delicious, especially thanks to its typical oaky flavours.

  • Created by a passion-driven business specialized in healthy juices and drinks through four generations, our Kombucha is thriving! You’ve never had it? Know that It is a natural, fermented product made according to a traditional Asian recipe. (Its benefits: a detox effect and a healthy digestion. It strengthens the immune system as well by combining organic acids, minerals and vitamins.)

  • To pamper your health on a daily basis and to preserve it from illnesses, go for our line of natural food supplements. Made in a French laboratory with raw materials of the highest quality, they benefit from a 20-year experience and are friendly to the biodiversity as well as the environment.

  • It is at the edge of the forest that our soaps are crafted by a Belgian soapery that entertains the traditional recipes destined to take care of your skin and of the planet, all that with just the necessary ingredients. Thanks to a cold saponification process, the properties of the oils and ingredients used, as well as the natural glycerin are preserved, which makes for a soap far less aggressive than its classic industrial version.

  • 100% natural, they translate a very ancient traditional expertise, brought back to life by a workshop we chose to work with to favour a return to the essentials of cosmetics. Made with oils, plant-based butters, sugar, wax from a local beehive, and plants from the area, our cosmetics are GMO-free, cruelty-free, palm oil-free, paraben-free and contain no chemicals or synthetic chemicals. They are then poured into glass containers to embrace the zero-waste philosophy entertained by this workshop.

  • Made in The Netherlands by a young Belgian company, our granola is 100% handmade. It contains organic and eco-friendly ingredients that are mixed, then poured onto trays placed in an oven. All of it is handmade, just like you’d make it at home!

Lines of products for all your needs and pleasure

Designed to please you and to offer you the best quality at the best price, our products are divided into several lines that cover your essential needs just as much as your cravings for taste and well-being. To try them is to love them!

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