Kazidomi membership

12-month membership
  • Discounts up to 50% on all the products
  • More than 3500 healthy products selected with care, exclusive offers and plenty of surprises
  • Savings guaranteed !

Choose how you prefer to pay:

annual payment committing to 12 months
monthly payment committing to 12 months

The membership lasts for 12 months and renews automatically.
You can cancel the renewal anytime in your account.

Questions about the membership?

How it works

step 1 How it works REGISTER ONLINE Create your account on Kazidomi, log in and discover all our healthy products.
step 2 How it works BECOME A MEMBER Purchase the membership and get discounts up to 50% on all the products for a whole year.
step 3 How it works GET DELIVERED FAST Your healthy products are delivered to your doorstep or pick up point in record time
step 4 How it works TRACK YOUR SAVINGS Track how much you are saving in real time in your account. You'll be surprised!
ProductStandard pricesMember prices
Dark chocolate 85%€4.24€2.76
Laundry Softener€5.77€4.33
Coconut flour€3.39€2.20
Coconut oil€9.99€5.99
Organic Almonds€13.06€8.49
Shower gel€6.00€4.50
Almond Butter€6.10€4.88
Tomato Sauce€2.85€1.85
Mint toothpaste€4.00€3.00
Solid shampoo€9.90€7.42
Body Lotion€17.00€12.75
Your savings€25.57

Why buy at Kazidomi and not elsewhere?

Save money while buying
The best quality and healthiest products
Save money while buying
Discounts up to 50% that help you save hundreds of euros every year
Delivery at home or in a pick-up point

Already more than 15.000 happy members !

  • Aurélie Jacques Member since 2018
    Super service, I recommend it to everyone around me! Orders are sent very quickly, in perfect condition and in an eco-responsible manner, the products are top! And a great bonus: best customer service I've had on any online website !! ❤️
  • Delphine Jeumont Member since 2017
    Wide range of healthy and innovative products at discounted prices, super interesting concept with annual membership system, varied delivery options and a very practical site!
  • Laura A. Member since 2019
    A good online grocery store with high quality products! The membership is worth it! True happiness when I shop here, finding the most awesome products both in food and cosmetics.
  • Julie Souard Member since 2019
    Always very satisfied with the products and their value for money but also with their service. Very cooperative and fast! I clearly recommend.
  • Léa Garioud Member since 2019
    Kazidomi is the best site to find my healthy products at low prices. I order very often and I have never been disappointed!
  • Sébastien Scoumanne Member since 2019
    I have been a member for more than a year at Kazidomi and my wife and I are more than delighted! We order almost every month and love the products and discounts on the site. Membership pays for itself very quickly, to be tested and trusted with your eyes closed :-)

Can't live without these


It is not mandatory to subscribe to a membership to be able to order on Kazidomi.

However, membership allows you to save a lot of money since it gives you access to our entire catalog at special prices of up to 50% off depending on the products.


In addition, if you do not make a profit from your membership, we will reimburse you the price of your membership minus your savings*. So you never lose out!

* The refund of the membership is only made in the form of a voucher.

*To be able to benefit from this refund, you must renew your membership.


No, membership does not give you to free shipping.

It depends on the amount of your order. You can consult the prices here: https://www.kazidomi.com/en/content/1-livraison

Please note that for France and Belgium, if the amount of the order is higher than 69€, the shipping cost is 1,99€ :-)

The monthly membership gives you the same advantages as the annual membership, i.e. access to discounts of up to 50% on the entire catalogue and to exclusive offers and surprises. The payment of the monthly membership is made every month at the rate of 10€/month with an obligation to have a contract for the year. You will therefore only be able to cancel your monthly membership after one year from the date of purchase.

By subscribing to the Kazidomi membership, each member has access to the entire catalog with immediate and permanent discounts of up to 50% compared to the generally observed prices.


Membership allows us to reduce our margins and thus offer healthy products to a maximum number of people at unbeatable prices.


Our members save on average €300 per year and can track the savings on each order. And if these savings don't pay for the membership, Kazidomi commits to refund the price of your membership minus the savings made during the year* after your renewal**.


You can choose to pay the membership :

  • annually at the price of 80€ per year
  • monthly at the price of 10€ per month, i.e. 120€ per year.

If you choose the monthly formula, you are obliged to take out a contract for a minimum of one year.


To become a member, you just have to add the membership to your shopping cart, the discounts will be immediately applicable on your current cart.


* Refunds will be made in the form of a voucher. If you have paid your membership 80€ and saved 60€, you will receive a voucher worth 20€.

** Refunds in vouchers will only be made if you renew your membership. The voucher is therefore only valid if you remain a member with us.

What a wonderful idea!


You can offer a membership as a gift on this page.

You can either choose to offer a membership or a voucher of the value of your choice from the list of suggested amounts. Unfortunately, you cannot personalize this amount but you can offer several gift cards to reach the amount you want!

Gift vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase.


You can either print the gift card for the membership yourself or send it to the recipient by email by choosing the date of sending.


If you have additional questions or want to get a detailed consultation, our Customer Happiness Team will be glad to help you

Contact us!

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