Our criteria

Our company has certain principles that guide us in creating products.
  • Composition

    True to Kazidomi's vision, our bulk contains no refined sugars, no (to little) added salts, etc.

  • Mission

    Buying in bulk brings your closer to your own well-being and to that of the planet. It embodies and makes affordable a preference for organic foods, for plant-based proteins as well.

  • Origin

    Our bulk mostly originates from Europe. We select it primarily from partners that collaborate with local and socially-oriented projects.

  • Price

    To break with the myth of the "way too expensive" organic food, we offer you our bulk products at an affordable and fair price.

Quality products at affordable prices


A day in the life of the vrac team

A packaging that knows how to take its responsibilities

To keep our products as natural on the outside as they are on the inside, we have chosen a packaging made of Kraft paper and bio-based plastic, compostable in industrial settings. A choice we have recently challenged by studying a potential passage to a full paper packaging, that led to the conclusion that this option would jeopardize the good state upon arrival as well as the preservation of our products.

While we hopefully await more adequate alternatives that shall help us reduce our waste even more than today, let us assure you that our Kraft paper gets our most responsible sourcing, as it is plant-based and made in Europe with renewable energy.

  • Preservation, re-sealability and flexibility
  • Protection and lightness during transportation

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