Our criteria

Our company has certain principles that guide us in creating products.
  • Composition

    True to Kazidomi's vision, our bulk contains no refined sugars, no (to little) added salts, etc.

  • Mission

    Buying in bulk brings your closer to your own well-being and to that of the planet. It embodies and makes affordable a preference for organic foods, for plant-based proteins as well.

  • Origin

    Our bulk mostly originates from Europe. We select it primarily from partners that collaborate with local and socially-oriented projects.

  • Price

    To break with the myth of the "way too expensive" organic food, we offer you our bulk products at an affordable and fair price.

Quality products at affordable prices


A day in the life of the vrac team

  • Preservation, re-sealability and flexibility
  • Protection and lightness during transportation

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