HABEEBEE products made from wax and bee propolis are handmade by Eloise and Aurelie in their soap factory in Brussels, at the foot of the Soignes forest.


Habbebee-farmers form a united community. Together they share their experiences and help each other. They are the basis of HABEEBEE products and are therefore always welcome in the magic soap that turns their waxes into good HABEEBEE products.


The habeebee-farmer respects the cycle of the bee and its natural rhythm.

The habeebee bee is a free bee that builds its waxes freely for the proper balance of its colony. The wax then circulates naturally and becomes the symbol of this beautiful harmony.

The beehives are equipped with an educational glass, the bees are observed without disturbing them and without danger.

The brand also emphasizes the BIO character of its production, which is a basic principle and involves a series of good practices (bee priority on honey, no chemical treatment ...).

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