It is not mandatory to subscribe to a membership to be able to order on Kazidomi.


However, our membership gives you access to discounts of up to 50% on our entire catalogue, gifts in your orders, advantages with numerous partners, exclusive ongoing offers and free carbon neutral express delivery from 69€ in a pick-up point.


In addition, if you don’t save more on groceries than you spend on the membership, we will offer you your membership for the following year. Therefore, you never lose out!




I'm Emna, the founder of Kazidomi.


When I was very young, I used to play an uncommon game in supermarkets with my father, an expert in nutrition. I would be deciphering product labels and selecting only the best products. In my cupboards, there were no Nutella, sweet drinks or sweets and I was not at all frustrated by that. I was fortunate enough to learn about the importance of healthy eating for a healthy body. Saddened by the fact that this was not the case for everyone, I decided to study business with the idea of opening a supermarket where you can shop with your eyes closed.


At the age of 23, aware of the difficulty of finding healthy products at affordable prices, I decided to create Kazidomi, whose name comes from Latin and means "like at home". The e-commerce was launched not only to facilitate customer purchases by offering only quality products but also by making these products, who are often on the more expensive side, accessible and affordable.


Today, I am no longer the only one to make this beautiful story a reality. With a lot of pride I introduce you to the great team that works every day to make healthy living accessible for more people.


Alain, my partner in life and work, is responsible for our financial health and makes sure that everything goes well in the Kaza (the Kazidomi offices).

Marine, Chloe, Laurie, Celine and Tatiana provide you with all the information and advice you need so that you can make your purchases as simply as possible and are responsible for making sure that as many people as possible hear about Kazidomi.


Thibaut, Marine, Remy and Laetitia make sure that you find your pieces of happiness on Kazidomi and this at the best price. They spot the latest trends, listen to your recommendations and make sure that you are equipped with the best products to live your best life.

Jeanne on her side is using her magic to creating the most beautiful packagings for our own brand.


Celia, Carole, Angola and Hope are there to make sure you always have an answer to your questions. Nothing is a secret for them, they always have the solution.


Thomas, Abou, Emmanuel, Joanna, Eric, Jacques, Anthony, Edgar, Medhi, Emile, Diego and Glenn make sure that each parcel arrival is a surprise, a gift from heaven or a moment of pure happiness. They operate out of the Kaverne (Kazidomi warehouse).


Jonathan meticulously makes sure that our financial structure is well organized.


Olivier, Ruslan and Max allow you to shop on a high-performing and organized site by offering you the best possible user experience.


Without them, you will have understood by now, Kazidomi would not be here. They are there for you, so ask them when you need anything but please, also thank them because they all do an incredible job!


I wish you a great experience with us from the whole team.


Becoming a Kazidomi member is good for everyone

For you first, because for €8/month* or €80/year, you save an average of 25€ on your monthly basket and 300€ per year, not to mention plenty of advantages that make your daily life easier. We are so confident that your membership will pay for itself (in 3 to 4 orders in average) that if it doesn't, we commit to offer you your membership for free the following year.

For the community, because your membership helps us finance the Kazidomi Shares programme, in the form of subscriptions offered to people in need and donations given to charities.

For the producers of course, the subscription system allows us to lower our prices without constraining our suppliers.

And for us, because each membership allows us to further our mission on a daily basis, by giving everyone access to healthier products and lifestyles.

Becoming a member means committing to a relationship of trust between you, us, and all those involved in healthier consumption.

A trust that benefits us all.


To become a member, simply add the membership to your shopping cart and the discounts will be applied immediately to your current cart. 


*If you choose the monthly membership, you are obliged to contract for at least one year. 


We deliver to most European countries. You can find more details about the countries we deliver to and the prices here.


We also deliver to pickup points in France and Belgium. You can consult the list of delivery points on this page.

At Kazidomi, we have chosen to be demanding in the selection of our catalogue. We give priority to product quality and respect for producers and the environment.


We work with nutrition experts to be able to offer the best products for your health. In order to guarantee this, we do not accept certain ingredients in products, but only accept those that are the most beneficial for your health. For example, we made the choice not to accept products with palm oil or white sugar that have no health benefits. But don't worry! This does not mean that you have to deprive yourself. Because we also respect your (and our) pleasure in eating yummy foods, we make more qualitative choices. Such as for example selecting foods with whole cane sugar instead of white sugar


The same goes for cosmetics! We work in closely with partners specialised in this field who validate whether or not the composition of the products we take on, does not contain any harmful or nasty ingredients.


And all this, so that you can do your shopping with your eyes closed!


We also find it very important to respect the producers we work with and paying them fairly. Today we are able to offer great discounts on products, but only because we very often work directly with the producers without going through distributors. The latter too often play more than the role of simple intermediaries and monopolize a very important part of the added value (and make the price for you much more expensive!)

And of course, we try to do good for our planet by choosing brands that respect the environment.

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