Offset the carbon footprint of your order by planting trees?

It is now possible!

At Kazidomi, environmental responsibilities are not taken lightly.

Whether it's recycling the cardboard that packages your precious products, offering zero waste products or creating compostable packaging, we strive to limit our impact on the planet and consequently, yours. Today, we have decided to go even further by offering you to offset your carbon footprint.

What exactly is a carbon footprint?

The carbon footprint measures the pollution of human activities by calculating the amount of carbon dioxide they produce. When you drive to work, send an email to your colleague or fly to Honolulu, you produce pollution.This is measured and is called the carbon footprint.

How to offset the carbon footprint of your order?

Online orders also consume energy as your package is transported from our warehouse to your address. To compensate for the greenhouse gases emitted during an order, we calculate the weight of the package, the distance of the delivery and the chosen delivery method to estimate the types of transportation that will be used.

Thanks to this calculation, we know the carbon footprint of your order and we offset your purchase via a carbon strategy platform. We also offer you the opportunity to contribute to the carbon compensation of your purchase by paying an additional amount at checkout, which will be donated to a project working for the good of the planet.

What will your money be used for?

Through your investment, you support projects that fight against global warming.

An example of a project: Kariba

Forest protection

The Kariba project, supported by South Pole, works to protect the forests along the Zimbabwe-Zambia border. Due to deforestation by local communities in search of livelihoods, the forest in this region has lost a third of its territory;

a critical situation that Kariba is addressing by protecting what remains and equipping local people with the alternative resources they need to protect their future and that of this precious nature.

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