Summer Essentials


  • Summer Essentials -...

    Enjoy the sun and the beach but take care of your skin! The sunny days are coming, your holidays are booked or almost booked, so it's high time to take care of your tan. To preserve your youthfulness, simple precautions and actions can help you do this.
    While creams are essential, they are only one way to protect yourself. Do not expose yourself between 12:00 and 16:00 remains the basic principle. Not to mention the benefits of wearing a hat or glasses!

  • Summer Essentials -...

    Summer means beach, sun, heat and a bottle of water. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

    We say "Goodbye" to the plastic water bottle that is thrown away too quickly and we say "Hello" to the reusable bottle!

    And if you go to the terrace to get a drink, we don't forget to tell the handsome waiter that we don't want plastic straw. Indeed, you have not forgotten to take your bamboo or stainless steel straw with you.

    Are you going on a picnic? So we take his canvas or jute bag, his tupperware, his reusable bottle and let's go!

    Let's enjoy the summer, but let's respect our environment!

  • Summer Essentials - Food

    The season of barbecues, terrace drinks, picnics and outdoor meals has officially begun! Enjoy summer with friends or family.
    We send out the invitations and let's go!
    Come and discover the essential products for a successful meal. Kombucha, smoked paprika, tofu, chips, olive tapenade,...

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