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    LUCAA+ Odor Remover is a unique product with the addition of microorganisms. Without adding dyes so it does not leave stains. Unpleasant...

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    LUCAA+ Pets Shampoo is a unique formula with added natural helpful microorganisms that introduces a healthy microflora after each wash....

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    LUCAA+ Pets Coat Care is a formula for a respectful and natural maintenance of pets’ coat. The fatty acids (omega-3, 6 & 9) found in the...

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    LUCAA+ Allergy Free is a safe preventative spray for allergy problems for pets. The microbiological activity of LUCAA+ Allergy Free,...

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    The unique composition of LUCAA+ Pets Conditioner is perfect for dogs in the moult. This deeply nourishing conditioner ensures a healthy...

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    LUCAA+ Pets Wound Care is a unique formula to optimize the microbial balance in and around injuries caused by damaged skin to enable the...

    10,00 €
Come and discover care products for your beloved dogs. They will never have been so clean and grateful for the love you have for them! They may not like it at first and you will probably end up with one or two claws and a nice bite on the butt but in the end they will thank you in their own way!

Here you can find products of the following brands: LUCAA+

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