Les Huilettes

Les Huilettes: the power of oils!

Les Huilettes produce natural and eco-friendly cosmetics created from a blend of aromatherapy and olfactotherapy. Each Huilette takes care of the skin and offer a unique sensory experience, to harmonise body and mind.

In her laboratory, for each creation, Pascale - Doctor of Pharmacy and aromatherapist - uses her expertise to choose the natural active ingredients with the most promising benefits: Argan, Prickly Pear, Helichrysum... selected for their effectiveness and sensoriality. Les Huilettes are formulated without any superficial or controversial ingredients: just the essentials.

It sources these ingredients from serious partners and committed producers who are concerned about organic farming and the planet. Each ingredient is validated for its qualities, its color and its smell.

The Huilettes are Organic, Vegan and the production is done in small series in France, to guarantee the maximum freshness of the active ingredients.

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