Z&MA is a clean beauty brand of organic beauty essentials, that are Cosmébio/Cosmos Organic-certified, eco-friendly & made in France.

Determined to abandon petroleum-based products and endocrine disruptors, our range is formulated with many natural ingredients, to offer a healthy, efficient and sensory cosmetics. With its more than 45 years of expertise in organic formulations, our French partner laboratory ensures our products' high quality and efficiency.
Our range of green beauty essentials embraces a skin positive, environmentally friendly approach with a view to meeting the broader requirements of a generation in search of authenticity.
Aiming to promote well-being at all levels, we work every day to develop new make-up and skincare products that are simultaneously organic and glamorous, while remaining uncompromising with regard to the natural quality of our formulations.
We will stock your bathroom shelves with a vibrant, bio-positive collection! No petrol, just beauty!

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