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Baûbo is a feminist and sustainable cosmetics brand, committed for women's well-being. Its unique range of balms, 100% natural and organic, relieves intimate discomforts and takes care of sensitive skin. 

Baûbo balms and their packaging are made in France: boxes are printed in Paris, balms and Braille stickers are made in the region of Paris, and containers are screen-printed in France.

For each Baûbo balm purchase, 2% is donated to Gynécologie Sans Frontières,  working on perinatality, medical suffering, domestic and sexual violence, discrimination and woemen status.

Baûbo packaging has a minimum impact on the environment:

  • 90% recycled glass container
  • Recycled post-industrial plastic lids
  • Green plastic seals
  • 100% recyclable jar, lid and seal
  • FSC paper outer boxes

Baûbo is also B Corp certified, a label that brings together, in more than 60 countries, companies wishing to join profitability and positive impact.

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