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At Kazidomi we like to take care of our customers and even more of our mothers because we know how important and sometimes challenging their work is. You will find in this category products and accessories related to maternity. Quality products for quality mothers!

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    Aloe vera is a plant with many qualities to take care of your health, your body and your skin. Aloe Vera helps to solve most skin problems...

    10,75 €
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    This 100% essential oil complex helps to remove fat deposits. A very complete synergy with coordinated actions:Fighting fat deposits...

    14,80 €
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    Discover this exfoliating glove that can be used in a hot bath/shower to slough off dead skin & pore clogging impurities, revealing softer,...

    14,00 €
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    Les Tendances d'Emma knows how to take care of moms! The brand has created the essential accessory for breastfeeding moms: 4 nursing pads...

    15,39 €
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    To protect the dry and sensitive nipples of nursing mothers, Multi-Mam offers a natural balm, without smell or flavor, which penetrates...

    6,96 €
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    To protect the dry and sensitive nipples of breastfeeding mothers, Multi-Mam offers compresses that instantly relieve and soften irritated...

    11,50 €

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